Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  André Lopes 66addc8b45 feat(skaffold): add completion (#11357) 1 day ago
  jzhang046 1aa58d42a5 fix(changelog): generate correct commit link in markdown (#11356) 3 days ago
  Rafael Bernard Araújo c35ca17258 feat(docker): add `dsta` alias 2 weeks ago
  Carlo Sala 1c06ea24fb chore(docker): sort and reorganize aliases 2 weeks ago
  Carlo Sala a4392cfc16 feat(docker): update completion 2 weeks ago
  Mathieu Fenniak da7ea13ba9 fix(avit): replace deprecated GREP_COLOR (#11168) 6 days ago
  Luis Serra a473c0cb4a feat(mongo-atlas): add completion for atlas (#11349) 6 days ago
  Luis Serra 5485d70df2 feat(fluxcd): add completion for flux (#11350) 6 days ago
  Markus Hofbauer 8ef9abc962 feat(pre-commit) add aliases (#10707) 1 week ago
  Richard Mitchell fe83581a20 fix(last-working-dir): use builtin `pwd` (#11346) 1 week ago
  Brenex 9697673616 docs(aliases): fix typos (#11348) 1 week ago
  Carlo d93f317450 fix(init): prevent multiple compdump compilations (#11345) 1 week ago
  Ruslan Tursunov 5ab517361a feat(git): add `gcn` alias (#10836) 1 week ago
  Carlo Sala 5bce72ef57 docs(yarn): follow omz `zstyle` bools standard 2 weeks ago
  Carlo 6d5ba2d6c4 feat(nvm)!: settings now are zstyle-based (#11335) 2 weeks ago
  Ben Iofel 4392d3a923 feat(systemadmin): color `ip` if shell is interactive (#11107) 2 weeks ago
  Bill Haofei Gong 94584e2a73 feat(cakephp3): add compatibility with CakePHP 3.7+ (#11080) 2 weeks ago
  Steven Conaway aafc7443f0 feat(fzf): support macOS ARM brew install dir (#10944) 2 weeks ago
  milinches 37d9e1aee9 feat(golang): add `goe`, `gove` aliases 6 months ago
  Lennart Ochel a482a02915 feat(git-prompt): add option to show upstream branch (#11336) 2 weeks ago
  Isaac Levy b70977b256 perf(pyenv): do not check if it's disabled (#11338) 2 weeks ago
  Lennart Ochel fb66b67d68 feat(git-prompt): show deleted files (#11245) 2 weeks ago
  Carlo Sala 62929263fa fix(perms)!: change function name from `fixperms` to `resetperms` and document caution (#10686) 9 months ago
  Marc Cornellà a04cf07880 refactor(bgnotify): clean up and reorganize code 1 month ago
  Marc Cornellà 5b2d0a3f06 perf(bgnotify): cache terminal app ID computation 1 month ago
  Haltarys 5bfdd0356b fix(ubuntu)!: rename `acs` alias to `acse (#11334) 2 weeks ago
  Marcos Alano fcbfdf42de feat(terraform): load completion from bash 2 weeks ago
  cxy004 23de5d9528 fix(colorize): check if $ZSH_COLORIZE_TOOL exists (#11325) 2 weeks ago
  Marco Franssen 9f77cb29d7 feat(sigstore): add completion plugin 7 months ago
  Sandeep Tailor 1f30c1a079 feat(hasura): add completion plugin (#11278) 3 weeks ago