Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wei Mingzhi 36bcfd96a8 Add separate font flavors for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese 6 years ago
  Pal Lockheart cb61e5738b allow language file specify whether using isofont 6 years ago
  LouYihua be2bf2566c Enhancement of codepage detection & detects codepage for embedded font 7 years ago
  LouYihua 27d5a1e3c2 Text enhancement: a truely worked codepage auto-detector 7 years ago
  LouYihua 2c677d7ee4 License update 7 years ago
  LouYihua bb3671e5ed Use 'extern "C"' only when necessary 7 years ago
  LouYihua 2ae14ef18f Added the PAL_swprintf function to avoid incorrect Chinese character output in OSX/iOS/Android. 7 years ago
  louyihua 174f929f43 [WIP] Refactor 2: new configuration model & WP8.1 enhancement 8 years ago
  louyihua 8b01585662 Change: Customization for status screen. 8 years ago
  louyihua 614e33d3c2 Bug fix: dead lock on exit, overlay on non-touch devices 8 years ago
  louyihua 0c445573ed Bug fix & full translation support. 8 years ago
  louyihua d789107800 External messages support. Remove the option 'WordLength' because it can be automatically determined by the .dat file. 8 years ago
  louyihua cb4b7bd42c Full resampler support, minus bug fix. Remove the codepage autodetection which is not working for TC/SC. 8 years ago
  louyihua e96c3fd7ad Minor fix 8 years ago
  louyihua 112754ca15 Remove PAL_UNICODE definition 8 years ago
  louyihua eb47061a66 Codepage auto detect & yj_2 fix 8 years ago
  louyihua d01049520f Fix typos and add comments 9 years ago
  louyihua 89f3082a20 Unicode support as well as japanese support 9 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi d70187aec1 Emacs 11 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 8d4be3267d Initial check-in. 11 years ago