Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Lou Yihua cd314c930d Further improvement of case-insensitive file opening 2 years ago
  LouYihua be2bf2566c Enhancement of codepage detection & detects codepage for embedded font 2 years ago
  LouYihua 27d5a1e3c2 Text enhancement: a truely worked codepage auto-detector 2 years ago
  LouYihua 2c677d7ee4 License update 2 years ago
  LouYihua 620c93e7a6 Font init optimization 2 years ago
  LouYihua bb3671e5ed Use 'extern "C"' only when necessary 2 years ago
  louyihua 764f0fed3b Try fix enemy magic sound & animation in battle 3 years ago
  louyihua f194722fc4 Various changes 3 years ago
  louyihua 3d484b530d Resource version auto-detection & bug fixes & fullscreen enabled 3 years ago
  louyihua 245744b48a Sound play fix 3 years ago
  louyihua 05c493e98b Move config function definitions to palcfg.c & slightly layout change of WinRT setting page 3 years ago
  louyihua d10c87f95b Change OPL settings 3 years ago
  louyihua e2b06e561a [WIP] Refactor 3: Make screenshot work properly 3 years ago
  louyihua 174f929f43 [WIP] Refactor 2: new configuration model & WP8.1 enhancement 3 years ago
  louyihua cc1edf8f0d [WIP] Various change for refactor 3 years ago
  louyihua 8b01585662 Change: Customization for status screen. 4 years ago
  louyihua 614e33d3c2 Bug fix: dead lock on exit, overlay on non-touch devices 4 years ago
  louyihua d789107800 External messages support. Remove the option 'WordLength' because it can be automatically determined by the .dat file. 4 years ago
  louyihua 9963fee8d1 New options on window size & aspect ratio control. 4 years ago
  louyihua 4460a720fd Fix the fade out & fade in bug when using a larger audio buffer. Make rix extra init parameters a compilation-enabled feature. 4 years ago
  louyihua d25dd1d449 Configurable volume 4 years ago
  louyihua 28c332e43f Rixplayer fix & dbopl optimazation & audio buffer size configurable 4 years ago
  louyihua d5cab5ce4e Try new dosbox opl 4 years ago
  louyihua cb4b7bd42c Full resampler support, minus bug fix. Remove the codepage autodetection which is not working for TC/SC. 4 years ago
  louyihua 8868771f8b More configurable options (opl sample rate & surround opl offset) 4 years ago
  louyihua f0e7a2bfed A new audio player model 4 years ago
  louyihua 112754ca15 Remove PAL_UNICODE definition 4 years ago
  louyihua fd9a91e7c6 Unified version 4 years ago
  louyihua 4a3eb9621f JPN Support & better RIX playback 4 years ago
  louyihua 4ba4cf325c Fix japanese item menu 4 years ago