Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Pal Lockheart 6812f9afc8 iPhone X adaptation 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 53b99808c5 use UPX to compress the GNU/Linux binary as well 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 28e861dac9 allow disabling ALSA in command-line when compiling 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi fa9227ac46 silenced compiler warnings 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi e937251d82 silence compiler warning 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 386e956626 use lzma algorithm for better compression 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi d2fee01ad1 use UPX to compress the binary for mingw32 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 102310439e bugfix 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 36bcfd96a8 Add separate font flavors for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 40cbf83060 silence some compiler warnings 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi d36cf664c7 fix gbk bdf loading 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi e8a57dcc09 silence several compiler warnings 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 6be26cc0e6 also check for GB2312 in addition to GBK when loading bdf fonts 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 32b6ad8e02 allow using wor16.asc/wor16.fon with win95 version (useful for Traditional Chinese users). 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 573cb80a59 use ISO font by default unless explicitly disabled in language file (which shouldn't be a problem for European languages now) 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 5d008cd57a replace iso_font with the complete version for European languages (French, etc.) 6 years ago
  U-DESKTOP-HPNHAFN\palen 1230770a98 force audio driver to directsound, fix audio glitching in new wasapi driver introduced in SDL 2.0.6. thanks for solution provided by @louyihua 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 79663dcc57 size of big5 font 'taipei15.bdf' is 15 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 96721fa1f1 temporarily hackfix failure to save game on some phones (one of the most frequently reported issues at google play). Not tested. 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 2476714d20 also disable keyrepeat for touchscreen by default 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 62822eef8b add keyrepeat to config (still disabled by default) 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi eaa87c8a5a disable keyrepeat by default (to satisfy many people who are too paranoid about the consistency with the original game) 6 years ago
  Wei Mingzhi 43a764478e close textbox when any key is pressed (NOT just ESC/Enter). 6 years ago
  Pal Lockheart 8925ac1548 fix #72; change index of player no matter whether the file exist, since the invalide index was used explicitly as flag for stopping playback 6 years ago
  Pal Lockheart dea4bb1c6b fix #69; previous fix code misunderstands original implementation 6 years ago
  Pal Lockheart 5541564ada fix various win32 ONLY problems 6 years ago
  Pal Lockheart abdbd21eb2 eliminate the need of a stub existense in desc.dat when translating new items 6 years ago
  Pal Lockheart be409bea7b dialog disappear behaviour changed to original DOS version; fixes #68, thanks to testing of M-HT 6 years ago
  Pal Lockheart e3a94557f7 fix: the scroll direction in staff of DOS version was inverted from original implementation 6 years ago
  Pal Lockheart 4dcb3e798c language file included translation of desc.dat. Now everything l10n needed can be done with single language file. 6 years ago